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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-26

  • Dropped off 7 garbage bags full of packing peanuts and bubble wrap to the local UPS store for recycling. the garage is slowly getting clean #
  • B&N is really throwing down the gauntlet with their new ebook, the nook: look out amazon kindle!! #
  • I do not get enough opportunities to use defenestration in daily conversation. #
  • realized i don't have a pillowtop so i flipped the mattress today when doing laundry. #
  • edible costume? #
  • its Win7 day, I highly recommend the upgrade over vista. If you're still on XP, check your hardware compatibility: #
  • Ugh, 4th revision of my resume and I'm getting writers block on the executive summary section… #
  • Borderlands is pretty awesome, but has some mature themes (and language), so parents, make sure you check that ESRB rating first! #