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ZFS dedupe!

Well, its been a few months since Sun announced ZFS getting dedupe functionality. Now I just need to get employed again, so I have the cash to build the home storage server I’ve been meaning to setup for some time now. Add another processor/memory heavy machine to run ESXi, and I’ll have a nice little virtual machine lab setup so its easier to study for my certifications by having every OS handy to experiment and research with.

There’s a standard for everything!

When I installed Cat5e in my house 5 years ago, I didn’t realize there were actual international telecom labeling standards, luckily, I only have a 12 port patch panel and 7 data jacks (currently) to relabel correctly. Once it warms up more, might be time for me to figure out how to run 2 lines (I’ll take the 3 extra seconds to have redundancy, that’s pro-active laziness, 10% more effort now, so its 50% less effort later) down to the garage, so I can setup a dedicated machine for car diagnostics without it relying on WiFi, and also have the option of media streaming devices for entertainment while working on my car.

Bought some more certification books

Bought 2 new certification books, CompTIA Security+ Review Guide: SY0-201 and CCNA: Cisco Certified Network Associate: Fast Pass, they should show up before thanksgiving, giving me plenty of time to review and study. Its hard finding a good balance between spending on learning & certifications to make my job prospects better, versus saving money so I can cover my living expenses while unemployed.

The joys of COBRA coverage, or not.

Just like the last time I was laid off, the mailing of my COBRA packet was overlooked until I contacted HR and inquired about it. Still waiting on it, but in the mean time, I was sent a link to sign up for it. Now, I was re-employed the last time before they got the COBRA packet to me, but this time, with the link, I decided to look at the prices. $680 per month for the same coverage I was getting for $60/month as an employee. Granted, that’s before the 9 months of the federal 65% subsidy, but still, WOW! I’m a single 32 year old, it really costs that much to cover me? Oh, wait, right, its a group plan. A group plan that covered employees who work in prisons and drug rehab centers. A group plan that covers a surprisingly large number of recovered addicts (I never asked, but they always volunteered that info whenever I had to work on their computers). A group plan that covered quite a few smokers. Right. Hey, whats this? Independent, individual coverage from somewhere else? Hmmm, the most expensive, fanciest plan listed is basically the same price as the COBRA coverage after premium, with less hassle? I guess I’m not who COBRA is for.

Lifehacker has a great little media streaming howto right now…

Lifehacker has a small article on how to setup a specific nettop device to use XBMC to stream media to your TV. Fairly straight forward, and fairly inexpensive. I still prefer my TiVo/pyTiVo solution thats setup in my home right now, but for people who don’t need to record live TV, their article should point you in the right direction to get something nice setup.